Building Readers

Cedarbridge Academy Volunteer Literacy Tutor Programme

CedarBridge Academy’s Volunteer Literacy Tutor Programme brings members of the community to the school to provide one-on-one tutoring to students. With Read•Write•Bermuda support, the programme is doubling from 20 to 40 adult volunteer literacy tutors. In addition, volunteer literacy tutors receives training and professional development support from literacy experts at The Reading Clinic.


Expanding BNL’s Summer and Winter Reading Programmes

The BNL is expanding its twice annual 8-week reading and literacy programmes with incentives to attract new families and children seeking to improve their reading skills. These programmes previously enrolled over 100 families, and continued growth will be supported as part of the Read•Write•Bermuda Campaign.

Expanding Scholarships for The Reading Clinic

Working both with CedarBridge Academy students and younger Bermudians, The Reading Clinic provides state-of-the-art tutoring for students with dyslexia and other reading differences. The Read•Write•Bermuda Campaign  funds scholarships for students to receive weekly support throughout the school year from The Reading Clinic’s tutors.


Reading Labs at BNL, CedarBridge Academy, and The Reading Clinic

Partner organisations are launching Reading Labs with projection and collaboration technology to allow small groups of students to work on shared projects in dedicated, specially equipped classrooms. Teachers can use the Reading Labs for collaboration and professional development. In addition, the Reading Labs can integrate E-book Centre technology and resources.